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Lingerie & Sleepwear Collection
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#FF2042 - Slumber Time. Features a night gown and robe ensemble fit for a princess. The gown and full length robe have pintucks or lace decoration on the yokes and sleeve.Both button down the front. A cap and pull-on slippers finish the ensemble. Instructions are included for both flannel and heirloom cotton versions. Pattern includes nightgown, robe, cap and slippers. 
FF2042-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2042-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2042-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2042-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2042-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2053 - Sweet Dreams. Contains a cozy nightgown and robe set for an evening at home. The nightgown is high yoked with lace and ribbon trim. The robe has a shawl collar and cuffs both accented with lace and eyelet. It wraps in the front with a fabric tie. Top off the ensemble with a sleepytime hat and fuzzy slippers. Pattern includes nightgown, robe, hat and slippers. 
FF2053-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2053-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2053-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2053-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2053-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2056 - Victorian Undergarments. Contains patterns and instructions to create a lovely trouseau for your favorite doll.Undergarments include a camisole cover with several authentic embroidery designs, semi-circular bloomers (either split or closed) which are smooth at the waist for an hourglass look, and a circular petticoat. Pieces can also be sewn together to create a corset cover - petticoat combination. The corset cover can also be lengthened to create a lovely nightgown. Embellishment techniques are also included. 
FF2056-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2056-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2056-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2056-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2056-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2065 - Rosy Dreams Bedroom Ensemble. Create a lovely bedroom ensemble for your favorite 14" or 18" doll. Pattern includes smocked nighty, pillow, fitted & top sheets with silk embroidery, and directions for ribbonwork room screen decoration.  Pattern sized for slender and standard 14" dolls -and- slender and standard 18" dolls. Sheets designed to fit Calico Moon bed kit, but will fit other beds designed for 18" dolls. 
Pattern contains all four sizes