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Period Costume Designs
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#FF2013 - Isabella. The ultimate in Elizabethan style. The gown features a low "V" shaped center panel bordered by metallic braid or cord. The upper sleeve is adorned with five strips bordered by more cord. The lower sleeve is fitted coming to a point at the hand. The skirt opens in front to show a contrasting panel. The overskirt is bordered with cord also. Pattern includes gown, half petticoat camisole, bloomers, lace stockings, garters and a matching snood. 
FF2013-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2013-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2013-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2013-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2014 - The 1884 Frock. A modern version of an antique design. The dress features a high yoke outlined with lace, a shirred overdress and a skirt with three tucks as an accent. This dress is made of Swiss batiste for a beautiful Spring/Summer look, or silk taffeta for a rich Fall/Winter look. Pattern includes dress, attached petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2014-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2014-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2014-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2014-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2016 - The 1894 Dress. Features a full lower bodice gathered into a high yoke. The bodice and sleeves are accented with ruffles and lace insertion. The sleeves are full to the elbow then fitted to the wrist. Pattern includes dress with attached petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2016-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2016-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2016-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2016-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2016-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2017 - The 1896 Costume.  Features a unique full bodice front and back accented with three rows of lace applied over shirring. The full sleeves are shirred at the wrist and accented with lace insertion and tapered edging. A dainty silk ribbon bow at the neck and a sash at the waist complete the decoration. Pattern includes dress with attached petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2017-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2017-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2017-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2017-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2017-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2022 - Circa 1862 Dress and Fichu Collar.  A reproduction of an authentic museum piece. The dress features a dropped shoulder and braid trim so popular during this period. It is accompanied by a fichu collar which can be made and worn in many different ways. Pattern includes dress with attached petticoat, fichu collar and bloomers.
FF2022-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2022-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2022-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2022-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2023 - Rebecca's 1909 Dress replicates the lovely Edwardian look of the turn of the century. The dress features pintucks and lace on the bretelles, bodice and skirts. The puffed sleeves are finished with cuffs and more lace  insertion. The pattern includes dress and bloomers. 
FF2023-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2023-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2023-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2023-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2027 - Eighteenth Century Watteau  features a floor length overdress with stomacher and separate petticoat. The back pleats fall from the neckline to the train. The dress is edged in pleated ribbon and accented with knots down the front of the stomacher. This is the perfect choice for your Revolutionary period doll. Pattern includes dress with attached stomacher and separate petticoat. 
FF2027-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2027-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2027-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2027-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2028 - Gibson Blouse, Vest and Walking Skirt features a high neck waist which blousons at the waistline and has a lace trim on the center front, collar and high cuffs. The walking skirt is the classic seven gore style with gathers to fill out the center back. The vest is decorated with lace scraps - the perfect use for those wonderful French lace pieces you couldn't part with. Finish the vest with silk ribbon embroidery, beads and brass charms for a beautiful vintage look, or change your fabric choices and create a Western look. Pattern includes blouse, skirt and vest. 
FF2028-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2028-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2028-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2028-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2029 - Victorian Winter Costume consists of a jacket with full leg-o-mutton sleeves, decorative button front, high collar and peplum waist line all adorned with soutache braid. The matching floor length skirt is a five gore style with a center back pleat and the same soutache braid design embellishment. Pattern includes jacket, skirt and tracing lines for all braid embellishments. 
FF2029-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2029-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2029-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2029-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2029-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2030 - 1940's Fall Ensemble is an updated of a '40's doll pattern found in an antique store. The pattern features a one piece jumper with front pleats and button trim, a one piece coat and a one piece blouse ( not counting the binding), a one piece purse and a pleated beret. All are fully lined for ease of construction. Pattern includes jumper, blouse, purse, coat and beret. 
FF2030-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2030-24 (24")...$8.95
#FF2043 - Trudie's 1904 Summer Sailor Dress is a reproduction of a turn of the century sailor costume. The dress features a square collar, top stitched front and decorative buttons, all over a false guimpe. The skirt is pleated and decorated with more top stitching. The outfit is topped with a sailor beret and both are finished with silk bows. Pattern includes dress, beret and bloomers. 
FF2043-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2043-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2043-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2043-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2044 - Princess Seam Dress features a dress with box pleats at the bottom of princess seams. A ruffle drapes over the big puffed sleeves which are accented with lace or braid. This pattern can be used with the high collar for an authentic 1904 look or use the short puffed sleeves and no collar for an authentic '50's look. Pattern includes dress in two versions, bloomers and panties. 
FF2044-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2044-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2044-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2044-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2045 - Sam's 1905 Winter Frock is an authentic recreation of a lovely pleated winter dress. The box pleats are used in both the bodice and skirt. Both are accented with yokes trimmed with soutache or other decorative braid. Pattern includes dress, bloomers and hair bow. 
FF2045-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2045-24 (24")...$8.95
#FF2046 - Jo & Meg 1865 features two Civil War era dresses. Both have dropped shoulders, false placket fronts with tiny buttons, and floor length skirts. Jo has a fabric collar trimmed with braid and deep tucks accented with chevron trim. The skirt has more tucks and trim to match. Meg is made of a floral fabric accented with sleeve heads trimmed in bias stripe cording and a lace yo-yo collar. A satin sash trims the waist. Pattern includes both versions, a draw string bag, bloomers and instructions to decorate a matching bonnet. 
FF2046-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2046-24 (24")...$8.95
#FF2047 - By the Beautiful Sea is a lovely recreation of a 1897 " Sailor Bathing Costume". The suit consists of two pieces, a body and drawers, and a circular overskirt. Both are trimmed in a nautical design using contrast fabric and braid. Top off the suit with a jaunty bathing cap to match. Pattern includes suit, skirt and cap.
FF2047-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2047-24 (24")...$8.95
#FF2048 - We gather Together. What Thanksgiving would be complete without dressing your favorite doll for the occassion. This pattern features a pilgrim's costume including dress, collar, apron and cap. It also includes a second version  authentic to the Plimoth plantation, featured in the book Sarah Morton's Day by Kate Waters. 
FF2048-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2048-24 (24")...$8.95
#FF2059 - Amanda's 1899 Jumper & Waist is designed from an actual 1899 girl's pattern found at a quilt show. The jumper has  a circular skirt with center back pleat, and a one piece top secured with button-on or sewn tabs. The jumper can be trimmed with braids and ribbons. The waist includes optional authentic embroidery designs for the front, collar and cuffs. It can be decorated with pintucks or lace down the front. Pattern includes jumper, waist, embroidery designs and bloomers. 
FF2059-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2059-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2059-28 (28")...$8.95