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Party Dresses
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#FF2001 - Brydee's Tea Dress. Features insets with criss-cross pintucks accented with pearls. The skirt is floor length with drapes at the sides ending in ribbons and roses. Pattern includes dress, petticoat and leggings.
FF2001-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2001-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2001-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2001-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2001-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2002 - Mia's Flower Girl Dress features a billowed overskirt gathered up at four sections and accented with ribbons and roses. A contrast fabric peaks out below the skirt and accents the waist. Pattern includes dress, petticoat and leggings. 
FF2002-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2002-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2002-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2002-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2002-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2004 - Garden Party Dress features a button front dress with two sets of ruffles edged with lace over each sleeve.The skirt opens to show an eyelet petticoat peaking below the hemline. Pattern includes dress, petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2004-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2004-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2004-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2004-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2004-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2007 - Recital Dress  features wonderful rayon laces and insets. The "V" front frames a lace inset. The princess style sleeve is formed by a center pleat, framed with more lace trim. The attached petticoat is trimmed with more lace showing below the skirt. Pattern includes dress with petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2007-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2007-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2007-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2007-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2007-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2009 - Janelle's Holiday Dress is a classic. The overdress has lace at the neckline, a scooped waist and puffed sleeves with a pleated contrast inset. A contrasting petticoat with lace at the bottom shows beneath the skirt.Contrasting bows finish the front and back. The dress shown used plaid and velvet for a holiday look, however, two contrasting florals can be used for a pretty summer set.
FF2009-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2009-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2009-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2009-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2011 - Ruffle Backed Party Dress features wonderful tiered ruffles down the center back of the skirt panel. The elbow length sleeves come to a pleat forming a cuff. The sleeves and center back waistline are decorated with roses and curly ribbon. Pattern includes dress, bloomers, petticoat and instructions for making curly ribbon. 
FF2011-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2011-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2011-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2011-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2060 - Candy's Elegant Party Ensemble is the perfect special occasion outfit. Lace overlays and rayon laces create an outfit for a special occasion. Pattern includes dress with short or long sleeves, hat, purse, and instructions for creating silk ribbon roses to decorate all the pieces including her shoes.
FF2060-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2060-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2060-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2060-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2060-31 (31")...$8.95