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Modern Designs
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#FF2025 - Tiffany's Cold Weather Ensemble contains a classic wool coat with cape and tam as well as a classic raincoat with  hood and matching umbrella cover.Instructions are included for creating your your own laminated raincoat fabric as well as details on creating a matching umbrella. Pattern includes coat, coat with hood, cape, tam and umbrella. 
FF2025-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2025-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2025-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2025-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2025-31 (31")...$8.95

FF2025U - Umbrella Frame for 18-20" dolls...$6.95
#FF2026 - Cyndie's School Clothes  features a modern version of the classic pleated skirt with straps or split skirt with straps. The shirt is made of stretch  knits and snaps or buttons at the shoulders. The outfit is complete with a matching beret. Pattern includes pleated skirt, split skirt, detachable straps/bib, shirt and beret.
FF2026-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2026-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2026-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2026-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2031 - Annie's Square Collar Dress & Party Pants features a dress and party pants with a contrasting square collar and cuffs. Both are decorated with picot  edge ribbon trim and sash.  The outfit is topped off with a straw hat to match. Pattern includes dress, party pants and instructioins for decorating your straw hat. 
FF2031-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2031-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2031-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2031-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2031-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2032 - Fancy Dirndl, Skirt and Peasant Blouse is perfect for a special occasion. The blouse is slightly gathered at the neckline and accented with a decorative button and brooch. The dirndl has eight grommets and ties with decorative cording. The skirt is gathered at the waist and is accented with European decorative ribbon. For a different look, solid wool could be used for the dirndl and a border print for the skirt. Pattern includes peasant blouse, dirndl, and gathered skirt.
FF2032-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2032-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2032-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2032-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2033 - Ginny's Pleated Dress features a high yoke dress with shawl collar. The skirt falls from the high yoke in tailored pleats. The dress closes on the left front with decorative buttons. The sleeves are either short or long with contrasting cuffs. The collar and cuffs can be trimmed with lace for a delicate look or braid trim for a nautical look. Pattern includes dress with long or short sleeves.
FF2033-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2033-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2033-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2033-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2034 - Missy's Cape Coat and Accessories includes a cape coat with optional hood or collar with detachable capelet. A matching hat is accented with a big bow in the front. Finish the outfit with a T-shirt and pull-on pants for a beautiful cold weather look. Pattern includes cape coat with hood or collar and capelet, hat, shirt and pants.
FF2034-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2034-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2034-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2034-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2034-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2035 - Allie's Winter Play Ensemble features a warm coat with Mandarin collar and side front closure.   To complete the outfit, she wears a T-shirt and pull-on pants, mittens, and a scarf.For an oriental look, make the coat of brocade with frog closures.The pants can be made of silk or silky fabric. Pattern includes coat, shirt, pants, mittens and scarf. 
FF2035-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2035-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2035-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2035-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2035-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2036 - Stephanie's Spring Dress features an empire yoke with contrasting sailor-type collar. The dress closes in the front with decorative buttons. The skirt and full sleeves are finished with a contrasting band and edging or jumbo rickrack. Instructions are included to finish a matching spring hat. Pattern includes dress, bloomers and instructions for making the hat. 
FF2036-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2036-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2036-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2036-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2036-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2040 - Maggie's Dress and Party Pinafore includes a short sleeve dress with plain or collar neckline and a pinafore that ties under the arms. Instructions are included for two versions, a contrasting fabric pinafore or an heirloom pinafore. This pattern lends itself to designing your own heirloom variation. Design ideas are also included. Pattern includes dress, pinafore and bloomers.
FF2040-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2040-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2040-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2040-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2040-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2049 - Katie's Jumper Dress features a jumper with contrasting lining and pocket trim. This jumper was designed to match the jumper dress from "The Paisley Pincushion" which is available in children's and women's sizes. The outfit is complete with  a T-shirt and panties. 
FF2049-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2049-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2049-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2049-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2049-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2050 - Annie's Sweetheart Dress features a drop waist and criss-cross side ties, contrasting lining and pocket trim, and a sweetheart neckline and pocket design. This jumper was designed to match the sweetheart jumper pattern from "A Little Bit of This and That" which is available in children's and women's sizes. The outfit is complete with pull-over turtleneck and panties.
FF2050-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2050-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2050-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2050-31 (31")...$8.95
#FF2055 - Merry Sunshine features a dress to celebrate those sunny days. The dress comes in three versions - variations on the collar, cuffs, and pocket flaps. The bodice and sleeve are one piece. The semsi-cicle skirt has front pockets with flaps and pleats in the center back. To help the skirt stand out , a tiered petticoat and panties are also included.
FF2055-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2055-24 (24")...$8.95
#FF2058 - Michaela's Spring Coat and Dress features a coat with pleats in the front and back, and a contrasting collar with small tucks. The collar can be made of organdy or linen. The collar and cuffs are trimmed with delicate lace edging. The matching dress is high yoked with lace edging trim, small tucks, and decorative buttons. Pattern includes coat, dress in two versions and panties.
FF2058-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2058-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2058-24 (24")...$8.95
#FF2064 - Penny's Prairie Point Dress This semi-fitted dress is accented with 4 coordinating prints folded into prairie points, and applied to the neckline, sleeves and hemline. Pattern includes pieces and instructions to create this lovely dress and hairbow for 14" slim, 14" standard, 18" & 20" dolls.