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Heirloom and Smocking
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#FF2003 - First Communion Dress,  Features a French Handsewn "V" insert in the front and the back, bordered by lace edge ruffles. The skirt has three ruffles edged in lace. Pattern includes dress with attached petticoat, bloomers and a criss-cross ribbon head piece with attached veil. 
FF2003-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2003-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2003-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2003-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2003-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2005 - French Party Dress. Features a square collar with beading and embroidery edged in lace. The sleeves end with beading and edging lace. The skirt continues with rows of insertion, beading and embroidery. Pattern includes dress with attached petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2005-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2005-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2005-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2005-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2005-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2006 - Drop Waist Party Dress. Features more French handsewing by machine. The bodice has a panel of lace insertion, beading, and puffing. The puffing and beading continue the theme down the center of the puffed sleeves. The dress is finished with a two tiered skirt edged in lace. Pattern includes dress and leggings. 
FF2006-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2006-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2006-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2006-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2006-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2010 - Leena's Country Quilt Jumper and  Blouse. Features a classic quilt design in the hem and a smocked collar on the blouse. This is a perfect pattern to try both techniques in a small project. Pattern includes jumper, blouse and bloomers. 
FF2010-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2010-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2010-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2010-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2012 - Basic Smocked Dress. Features that wonderful high yoked style complete with Peter Pan collar. The short puffed sleeves are gathered into a single row of entredeux beaded with embroidery floss to match the smocking. Pattern includes full slip and bloomers. 
FF2012-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2012-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2012-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2012-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2012-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2015 - The 1899 Dress. Features a round yoke with high collar, a lacy extension, tapered fitted sleeves with lace trim and a full skirt. 
FF2015-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2015-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2015-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2015-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2018 - Haley's Pinafore and Dress. Features a basic waist dress with puffed sleeves, and versatile pinafore. Instructions are given for French handsewing by machine version as well as ideas for using embroidered or lace table runners for a pinafore. Pattern includes dress, pinafore and bloomers. 
FF2018-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2018-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2018-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2018-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2020 - Tami's Ribbon and Lace Dress. Combines the rich look of satin or tapestry ribbons with the delicate look of French or English laces. The dress is equally beautiful made of lace and metallic ribbon with lame' underneath. Pattern includes dress, full petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2020-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2020-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2020-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2020-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2020-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2021 - Katie's Scallop Dress. The dress is highlighted with a scalloped collar and hemline. The puffed sleeves end in beading and more gathered edging. Pattern includes dress with attached petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2021-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2021-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2021-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2021-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2021-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2024 - Kimberly's Easter Dress. A beautiful addition to your doll's wardrobe for any occassion. The collar is decorated with mitered lace and edging. The puffed sleeves end in beading and gathered lace. The skirt is a continuation of the collar theme with more mitered lace and edging. The petticoat ruffle peaks below the dress hemline. Pattern includes dress with attached petticoat and bloomers. 
FF2024-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2024-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2024-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2024-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2024-31 (31")...$8.95

#FF2057 - Sarah's Summer Party Dress. Features an heirloom dress with two variations. The first is  a Swiss batiste dress with Swiss insertion blocks and French laces. The second is a silk dupioni with embroidery  design for standard or silk ribbon embroidery in the fabric windows. Both dresses have a to-the -waist collar, sleeve inserts and "handkerchief" hemline. Pattern includes dress, embroidery designs and bloomers.
FF2057-18-20 (18-20")...$8.95

FF2057-23 (23")...$8.95

FF2057-24 (24")...$8.95

FF2057-28 (28")...$8.95

FF2057-31 (31")...$8.95